Sunday, February 3, 2019

On the Mend(ing)

I've signed up for a one-year mending workshop, taught by Ruth Katzenstein Souza, organized by Textile Arts LA.
Opening slide of Ruth's Power Point presentation
I haven't done a very good job at reducing Refurbish Mountain and I thought this might help me get back on track.

We met at Ruth's studio (so much eye candy!).
Our work table (a ping pong table!) was artfully arranged with sewing stuff along the center:
I made good use of some of the equipment -- I forgot a vital box of sewing gear.

I took too many items (as usual), including the huipil I mended two years ago (it needs MORE mending) at a previous workshop with Ruth. I didn't work on that though.

Instead, hoping to make something I could wear right away, I modified one of the African textiles that I bought last week. Got 2/3 done. The end of our day came WAY too fast.
I promise to get this done before we next meet in June.
It was a lovely, exciting, enriching afternoon  -- thanks so much Ruth and Textile Arts LA!

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