Monday, May 7, 2018

#MeMadeMay '18 Week 1 -- Buttons

I blame Pao of Project Minima. She tempted me into this.
Last week, I signed an intention statement over on So, Zo's page:
[Now that I reread my statement, I might not be exactly following it this week. Oops].

This week I tackled the pile of shirts that need buttons replaced.
First, this shirt of Severo's:
Os are missing buttons, Xs are extras that I can move.
I really like the print on this. Even though it's made up of squares, it looks like dots.

Fixed! It only took ten minutes! And how long was it sitting in a To-Do pile?
I won't say!
Totally pretend outfit. Perhaps will wear tomorrow!
Next up, the African explosion shirt:
I gave this to Severo, then took it back.
I'm holding it closed where the button is missing because I haven't fixed it yet.
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We're still on the Dots Month Linkup. Let's see those dots, new, old, whatever!
My skirt has dots, don't give me any grief.