Monday, May 28, 2018

#100daysofsole and Me

I've been featured!
100 Days of Sole is a project comprising of "daily stories told from the intersection of footwear and identity". I was all set to include the site in a post about "my latest Instagram crushes" or "my many obsessions distractions" or some such. And, while I was busy at a handwork workshop, it transpired that Kelsy contacted me to be a part of it! WooHoo!

After great deliberation, I decided upon the above hand painted Indian Buffalo Sandals, which I photographed on my block printing experiments and collaged over the paisley block printed on striped cotton lawn. To read my story, you'll have to go to Instagram!

Then it was time to conjure up an outfit for this post.
On a whim, I tried on a pair of golden baroque lounge pants from work.
(I was involved with working on this print, but not this version of it).
I had them in one of my "to repurpose" boxes. How many months have I been walking past them?
They're work's sample size small, and I assumed that they wouldn't fit.
Well, as long as my stomach and butt are covered, they are fine!
I can't wait to wear these to a summer pool party.
Oh yeah, I attend those all the time!
I tried hiking up the pants to show the sandals without much success.
You can see how the layers of the sole are starting to separate.
Close up, highlighting Patucci's painting.
How did I discover 100 Days of Sole?
Through Richard Haines, the fashion illustrator who inspired me to take up fashion sketching again!
The Instagram algorithm gods smiled on me yesterday.

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