Sunday, February 22, 2015

52 Pick-me-up: Magnolia

A flower-themed week again! This time, the Magnolia.
photo by Irene Grassi on Flickr 
Magnolias can be found in a range of colors, pinks through whites:
photo by liz west on Flickr 
Our street has white ones like this:
photo by omk_489 on Flickr 
Instead of wearing something pink and white, I'm going with some Magnolia branding!

THIS Magnolia!
Yes, I sketched a Magnolia cupcake on a box lid!
This is the same Magnolia made famous in Sex and the City.
The vanilla/vanilla are my favorites!
Mmmmmm. Now I crave one.
Severo gave me all these garments. I'm wearing the tee back-to-front so you can see the Magnolia in the graphic.
Hey! It's a Visible week! I'll be there, later today.

Feeling flowery? Link and tell!