Sunday, February 8, 2015

52 Pick-me-up: I Heart...

Did you think this week is about Valentine's Day? I thought so, when I wrote up my list last December.
And maybe your link this week WILL be about V-Day, I have no problem with that.
Me, I'm is busy thinking up outfits for the Palm Springs Fine Art Fair, which starts with a gala VIP opening reception on Thursday, Feb 12.

Here's last year's look, with a lady I love:
I'm taking these two tunics, but won't be wearing them together! #wardrobefail 
Don't you love Leslie's jacket? I'll be staying with her again. So excited.
*To read my last year's PSFAF report click here
I'm taking all my favorite rayon tunics (that I designed/sewed myself) and pairing them up with modal lounge pants (that I purloined from the sample box at work -- working at a loungewear company HAS its advantages at times).
It gets toasty in Palm Springs in February, last year I overlayered. Rayon and modal are both perfect for the daytime desert climate.

Four tunics, all in a row:

So, I have my tops and bottoms figured out, I have from now until Wednesday morning to figure out the embellishments -- scarves, socks, maybe some necklaces or arm parties. (Arm parties: are those passé now? Who cares!)

I'm not just going to Palm Springs to swan around in floaty tunics. I'll be working.
10 of us from TAG Gallery (plus one guest artist) pooled our resources to get the largest booth at the fair, #111.
My art will be on a flywall, and I'll have maximum visibility for this piece:
Commuter Quilt, photomontage printed on vinyl, 51 x 35" ©2008

I was cogitating getting this printed on yardage, 
to be a matchy matchy walking billboard, but didn't have time.
I need minions, I tell you!
Our invite card, which I designed:
Here are some informative fair links:

Individual FREE one-day pass, includes hours open, maps and other important info.

[Almost] all the work I'm taking, on Artsy (a cool "Facebook" for art aficionados)

Maybe I'll see you in Palm Springs?
If not, I'll be all visible at Patti's joint, Visible Monday, later today.

Got any things that you love to share with us? Old or new posts, link and tell!