Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fashion Challenge - Stripes: Pattern Max

I wore this to a blogger/fashion event on Thursday night [more on that after I get all the TxSC posts written]. I was very pleased with my combination and had a high school alumnae event today so I wore it again. In this photo I'm carrying my trusty Pantone Tangerine Tango journal that I forgot to take to the Thurs event [doh].
wouldn't say stripes are the focal point here
but they are an important part of the mix
I thought you might like a breakdown of my pattern mixing (which on Thursday I called pattern max). I use pattern on my body like a painter uses tubes of color and I adore mixing (maybe you already figured that out).
Here's one way of doing it:
browns and camels tie it together
And here's my way:
there is some brown in the tunic print
in my mind it matches
Pattern max!

Thus concludes the Stripes Fashion Challenge week held by Megan and Keely. I had a good time choosing stripes with purpose. What'll they think up next?