Friday, January 20, 2012

In the Pink

Greetings from New York!
Here is my new pink poncho (Tibetan store in Williamsburg), new argyle tights (Sockman, St Mark's Pl) pink zebra mini purse (Hot Topic, Santa Monica) styled with... my nightgown!
I'm staying at a European-style hotel, which means a shared bathroom. (2 bathrooms for 15 rooms per floor). It's also NYC radiator hot in the room, cool in the hall. My new poncho is the perfect thing to throw on when I need to run to the bathroom. The tights and shoes I've left on since going out to breakfast this morning. To much effort to remove and redon.

Now I'm about to go back out, so I'll get back into my knit dress that I'm wearing all weekend, pull up my over-the-knee socks, winterize with new pink scarf (same Tibetan store)

black fun fur coat, and hat, stripe bag + fingerless gloves which don't co-ordinate but "whatever" -- it's 30 degrees out there.