Monday, May 16, 2011

5-16 clown-fidential redux

This post is for my FB pal (AND high school classmate!) Carrie DD.
She mentioned the Clown-fidential post from last year and I haven't worn that look yet this year!
I was happy to find the skirt still fits (yeah elastic waists), so:
a pinky glow suffuses me today!
what you can't see, because I'm not enough of a contortionist with my iPhone, is the matchy clown graphics from this band tee:
(I am not endorsing this band. I picked up the tee at some LA pop gig in the late 90s. They are not on my iPod. I don't remember what they sound like. I got the tee for the scary clown)

I like how the CMYK Happy Socks kick it "up to eleven"
polkadot clown skirt, Macy's sale purchase, late 90s
black clogs from Amsterdam flea mkt, 1997