Tuesday, May 3, 2011

5-1 picnic in Ventura

click on image to see bigger 
here is my picnic outfit
I didn't need the sox - it was 80º

I spent a lovely Sunday in Ventura with Kim, who I hadn't seen in 5 years (!)
We kicked back at Ventura College while Chris Botti played a concert in the distance.

We were more intent on catching up and snacking. We noshed on hummus, pita, red peppers and broccoli.
It is so amazing how you can step right back into the conversation with a good friend even after years of not seeing each other -- like no time has passed at all.

Here's to old friends and Sundays en plein air, away from the computer!

the outfit:
huipil from Folk Tree, Pasadena
HATattack hat, Swirl
avocado chenille throw, Ikea
plastic chinese sandals, HK
stripe sox, NYC
tea graphic tote, gift with purchase, Cottage Art, Artesia