Monday, November 4, 2019

October Goals Summery

October Goals? Sure, whatever.
I did what I could, and I did pretty well.

October 10-14 I was in Houston working an art fair, sold six things.
Love those red "dots" (or whatever the geometrical term is for a quartered circle).
Two weeks later, I attended FierceCon with 33 completed "cards" of my "Fierce Deck".
A closer look at the completed cards:
click to embiggen
I plan to sketch everyone that attended!
I must admit, the sketching project was a great conversation starter.
No awkward standing around like I did in 2017.

Daily Goals: Weekly Goals: not going to bother with this
Fall Goals: reduce, reframe and focus on the positive!
Get taxes done. DONE 10/15, 9pm   :) refunds (:  

Steps taken in my "self-directed MFA in Textiles at Anne M Bray U"
[don't ask about the curriculum][haha]
10/6 Bauhaus Beginnings exhibition, Getty, walkthrough with curator
10/19 Digital Weaving, Physical Computing (beginning Coding) IG post
10/22 Started Four Questions virtual mapping project -  click here to answer the questions!
10/26 Digital Weaving, Physical Computing (more Coding, plus basic weaving) IG post
10/30 Started Daily Detritus paper weavings series from trash generated at work
Daily Detritus: 10/30 from 10/29, color laser print paper weaving, triptych each 3x3", ©2019

Do you have any sort of "To Do" list? Or maybe a "Honey Do"?
I'll report back again at the end of the November.

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