Monday, May 7, 2012

Photo-a-day Objects become an OOTD

the outfit
the details
the Instagram Photo-a-day photo for today
the "everything" bangle wouldn't fit over my knuckles...
I'm still at the Photo-a-day project and I am one month from the half-way point and still have lots of jewelry to shoot. (It helps that I used to make jewelry. And doesn't hurt that I collected a lot of ethnic stuff in the 80s). I spotted the fish top in one of my heaps and thought the bracelets coordinated nicely. Later I tried on the top to see if it still fit - YES! Added other burgundy-toned items and I was ready for work and ready to join the Visible Monday gals.
Go check the Visibles out!  They are a lively bunch and will perk up your day!