Monday, May 28, 2012

Quick Draw: Lucky FABB

This week's LA Weekly's cover article, Invasion of the Beauty Bloggers is Gendy Alimurung's take on the Lucky FABB West conference that happened last month. Her experience was very different from mine, probably because she is a journalist and I'm a fashion blogger (not "beauty blogger" as Gendy termed all of us). The article was a bit snarky, and painted us all as narcissistic nitwits. Eh, whatevs, as the kids say. I know I'm not a ninny and being interested in fashion does not suddenly turn me into a shallow materialistic zombie.

I've held back the sketches that I did during the conference and I'm not sure why. I had some sort of reluctance to scan and post them. I shot Instagrams as I was drawing, and those got transmitted immediately. Here, finally, are cleaner scans of sketches of lots of talking heads, surrounded by my notes. Yes, Gendy, I too am one of the "girls in the audience [who] scribble copious notes into cute little notebooks". I'm not ashamed. My notebook is Pantone Tangerine Tango.
Zac Posen, Brandon Holley
Panel 1
The Honest Company: Christopher Gavigan, Jessica Alba
Panel 2
Kiernan Shipka
Janie Bryant, costume designer for Mad Men
Panel 3
The loafer of Jeff Rudes, Elizabeth Banks
Randi Zuckerberg: "Never treat people as a +1"
I shot a bunch of candid photos during the three days of events as well.
SOMETIME, they'll get posted on FB and Flickr.