Saturday, May 21, 2011

In 10 Minutes: 5-20

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my third day of appointments @ Harbor General:
neon lime scarf  - Sanbourn's, Mexico DF
hawaiian mens XL shirt  - outlet in Phoenix
Leon Max rayon shorts circa 1992
sadringham blue leggings - free sample from work
stripe wicked witch socks - sock guy, St Mark's Pl, NYC
blk clogs - Amsterdam flea mkt

the moment I realized that I matched the wall trim + floor
I dressed for comfort - needed to get to hospital by 6:30 so that Dr would see me first (@ 9am) then continuing on to work. MORTIFIED when I discovered how matchy matchy I was with the decor. That legging color bothers me anyway -- too close to the color of my high school winter uniform. Maybe I'll tie dye them.