Thursday, May 7, 2020

Breaking Bad in Ojai

Go hiking but make it fashion:
Anita and I decided to do another Social Distancing Fresh Air activity and we set our sights on Ojai. Since Ventura County had reopened up the hiking trails, Anita suggested a hike up the Shelf Trail. Bonus: Severo had the day off and would join us. Win, win -- he would drive, I could take countless road tripping photos! Well, and he's a fun partner in crime!
Reading the coyote warning at the trail head.
The rules
Why was there a dictionary at the trail head?
Hi Anita!
Severo was determined to capture a photo of that lizard! He did!
California Sage, such a wonderful scent.
Social Distancing with Anita behind us.
Yes, our masks are not properly covering our noses. Sorry.
We then went to downtown Ojai and got great takeaway from The Nest.
More on that on The Glutton blog.

After that, Severo and I drove home via PCH, the coast highway. Lots of "No Parking" signs, lots of people parking anyway. "Beach Closed" signs on every LA County lifeguard shack, lots of people still on the beaches.
People, if you don't follow the rules we'll have longer restrictions!
Keep wearing your masks, social distance, and flatten the curve!