Saturday, August 3, 2019

Summertime Goals: July Summery Summary

Time for a ToDo checkin!
How did I do?
Well, to start, I read an uplifting article in Medium by Benjamin Hardy about taking a few minutes every morning to write ones goals. [I'm not linking to the actual article because I'm not sacrificing one of my 3 free reads per month on you all. Sorrynotsorry]
I've been trying it out, it's maybe turning into more of a journal of idea catching, but, whatever.
I'll keep it up for August at the very least.
Here's my journal cover -- perfect image for goals, yes?
Available on Redbubble, I get 20% commission.
The exciting new creative development this month was a return to fashion sketching!
I'm now doing them in Procreate on my iPad.

At first, I was selecting Insta-friends who first showed up in my feed. Then the algorithm kept sending me the same friends, so I looked for friends to sketch, and then I got A BIG IDEA that has to remain TOP SECRET until late October. It will keep me busy, my goal is 53 sketches! (Adding to list).

Daily Goals:
Do a Daily Drawing. 28/31
Create a new Waterlogue from old road trip photos. 15/31 -- too difficult to do every day, need to come up with a weekly system
Post a piece of art on Saatchi Art. This goes hand in hand with above. Removing from list.

Weekly Goals:
Sew and/or repair at least one garment. 1 done (link), 2 more started
List at least one item on Poshmark 21!
Upload new art to Redbubble. um, 1
Sew one patch onto Crazy Quilt (new). 0 (out of sight, out of mind)

Summer Goals:
Get taxes done. not yet
DeClutter the living room (again). started and needs more constant/consistant work
Get sewing machine repaired. (how many years has this been broken now?) not yet

Do you have any sort of "To Do" list for Summer? Or maybe a "Honey Do"?
I'll report back again at the end of the August, progress or not.

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