Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Summertime Goals: June Summery Summary

Daily Goals (new):
Do a Daily Drawing. 26/30
During my vacation East, I came up with a series of Clutter drawings, starring my Betsey Johnson Kitty Bag:
Adventures of the Betsey Johnson Kitty Bag -- click image to embiggen
See even larger separate images on the Sketch Blog.

Create a new Waterlogue from old road trip photos. 2/30
Post a piece of art on Saatchi Art2/30
These two items are done simultaneously. Did a bunch in May before vacation for digital entries to two shows. Finding it difficult to do both a daily drawing and a daily Road Trip waterlogue during the work week. Maybe it's something I do on the weekends.

Weekly Goals:
Sew and/or repair at least one garment. 1/4
Still not entirely sure about this mend.
It's my schlubby around-the-house tee, but the mend made it less soft and comfy.
List at least one item on Poshmark 10/4
In the process of uploading my remaining 4 x 6" EDGE digital watercolors.

Upload new art to Redbubble. 3/4
Redbubble link

Sew one patch onto the Crazy Quilt. 0/4

Summer Goals:
Get taxes done. not yet
DeClutter the living room (again). no
Get sewing machine repaired. (how many years has this been broken now?) no
[Green text items are carried forward from 2017.]

Do you have any sort of "To Do" list for Summer? Or maybe a "Honey Do"?
I'll report back again at the end of the July, progress or not.

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