Sunday, January 27, 2019

Clogged, In a Good Way

I went to a clog close-out sale today, at the Santa Monica Airport Flea.
Here is how most of my collection (I left out a few exotics) looked at dawn:
I took this for reference in case I needed to remember what I already owned.
It was bright yet chilly, so I piled on accessories
Mismatched hat with mock braids. It's warm.
I wore extra thick socks -- to avoid buying "Torture Clogs".
Once at the flea, I made a beeline to Zingara, who was having a fabulous sale --
Sven wooden soled clogs at $49/pair vs $100+
Aren't those saddle shoe baby clogs adorable? Want!
Zingara used to have a shop on Abbot Kinney, before it became an overpriced, overhyped international shopping destination.
I did a post about the shop (and Abbot Kinney) here.
Phase two she moved to a "container shop" in the West Adams district. (I never got there).
Now, for Phase three, she's going in a new (undisclosed) direction, without her inventory.

I bought two pairs.
Bronze backless . Brown backless 2-tone suede.
Not to worry, I DID buy pairs!
The mismatched socks came that way -- I bought them at a cute country store in Vermont.
My collection grows!

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Happy clogging!