Monday, March 6, 2017

Sketching the Oscars!

The Oscars! The LA Times calls it "The Cinema Super Bowl".
This year, there was a crazy plot twist at the end, and Moonlight got lots of love.

I sketched!

Let's start from the beginning, on Sunday, February 26, 1:45pm:
[Argh! I rearranged the living room clutter to look less cluttered. Glad you can hardly see it!]
Control Central:
 iPad on Twitter (intel on gowns)
TV remote for muting and pausing
old iPhone on Instagram
laptop for name checking, IMDB, and other research
sketching equipment (I trace a croquis figure)
My first sketch was at 2:07, of the KTLA Red Carpet host Jessica Holmes.
My last was of Meryl Streep at 8:10:

In-between, I made 23-1/2 sketches (one is unfinished).

[Made with Imgflip]

I did my scanning on a nice big scanner at Otis:

Did rough cleanup Sunday of all the finished images (to make the gif slideshow above),
and painted up Viola to include in my #MBsociallydriven 5-image video.
[The video was a Big Fail! I misspelled "Oscar", for starters. The overlaying text is white, and three of my sketches have white backgrounds. I wasted a lot of time on that, grrrrrrrr].

Anyhow, Viola still is pretty:

About that last Oscar Award plot twist involving Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty --
my pal Wendie had the best Facebook comment on it:
A big CONGRATULATIONS to the Moonlight team for winning best picture.

For your consideration, here's my #MBsociallydriven My Oscars 2017 [Fail]

Did you have a favorite Oscar gown? Which one should I color in next?