Tuesday, March 22, 2016

[ENID] I'm Baaaaaaack!

Didja  miss me?


3.17.16 5:28am

What's with the rainbow action?
Miz Bagg has gone on "extended holiday" (I say she's having work done) and she sent me off to be monitored by SpyGirl again.
Some sort of Rainbow Project thing.
Gah. Next it'll be unicorns.
No road trip.
Just hanging out in L.A.
With rainbows.
Cue eyeroll.

[a word from SpyGirl]
International Fake Journal Month starts April 1.
Ever wanted to keep a journal but the blank page was too daunting? It was too embarrassing?
Try a fake one! It certainly has worked for me -- six years and counting.
Did you know that SpyGirl started life as a fake journal/blog?
It's true!

Are you afraid that you're "not creative enough"?
Well, you can even "journal" in a blog format, you don't have to keep an "artsy" analog visual journal.
If you have had an itch to start a blog but are too shy -- invent a persona! I did!
Or, you HAD a blog, but you got bored with posting outfits (or whatever) -- make it a FAKE one!
(I'm looking at YOU Maricel. I MISS YOU! "Blogging Besties" does not count!)