Sunday, January 17, 2016

52 Pick-me-up: Kelly / Trickery / Greed

Kelly Green is this week's official color prompt. If you ask me, it is almost the same color as Grass Green (two weeks agoor Emerald (three weeks ago). Let's go off script.

Fortunately, I received some timely green-themed breaking news this week in my inbox:

A garish shade of fluorescent green is global pick for 2016’s ‘most unfashionable, off-trend color’, reveals  

World’s largest community of fabric designers declares Neon Slime Lime (hex code #00FF00) 2016’s ‘color to avoid’, for design, d├ęcor, fashion. 

“If people today are seeking serenity, this won’t provide it... It’s more likely to make them want to hide in a dark room.” [Read more on Spoonflower

I managed to find some Neon Slime Lime socks in my collection. Behold!

Ready for your dark room? 
I guess I'll go sear some eyeballs on Patti's Visible Monday. Bwahahahaha!

Kelly / Trickery / Greed 
or Neon Slime Lime -- link and tell!