Thursday, November 5, 2015

Rain Check

I wanted to test out a piece of vintage 60's tubular nylon knit to see if it worked as a skirt.
It was cold enough to wear leggings (finally!) and then I went for checks on every garment that I could:
When Severo saw my outfit, he said, "Wear the Maury jacket!"
[Part of his costume from King Leisure, a film Pat DiNizio of The Smithereens made in 2004].
"What about the rain?" you ask.
Dramatic clouds during my lunch break:
Turned into a dark, dark sky:
And the rain commenced.
As I walked back into the building, there was even a double rainbow:
Did not locate the pot of gold.

Here's Severo as Maury:
Hey! Different jacket!
We should do a Halloween couple costume as Check Mates
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