Sunday, October 12, 2014

52 Pick-me-up: Inspired by a Toy

Thank you everyone for your kind sentiments on last week's post. I appreciated them very much.

This week's challenge is to dress like a toy. It could be the colors of said toy or whatever. Or just a picture of the toy if that's all you can manage.

Some of my favorite toys as a young girl were my Barbie Dolls. I played out many melodramatic scenarios with them -- often Midge was in peril and Barbie always rescued her. I sewed outfits for them and I think even hand knit a sweater or two. Those artifacts have disappeared, which is probably just as well.
In 1989 I started working at Mattel as a Barbie fashion designer. It seemed like a fun job to have at the time and I lasted there full time for four years. Here I am at my going away party on my last day:
See my matching Barbie? It's a custom doll that my coworkers made for me. In this case, the outfit inspired the doll. Close enough for this week.

What was your favorite toy? Link and tell!