Wednesday, February 19, 2014

52 Pick-me-up: Roaring 20s


Once again, I face my closet with a retro quandry. I couldn't even find my sketches of 20's costumes that I did back in college (I'll keep looking for those. Now I have a mission). (Can't even find the post with a picture of one. This is getting ridiculous!)

From the archives is this:
originally seen here, July 2012
I refurbished that green/navy striped tunic the summer of 2012. I wear it at least once every two weeks. For yardage purchased for under $4, an excellent cost-to-wear ratio!

In the above-linked post, I'd promised directions on how to make the jacket. I made it from sari fabric, and it was created from two rectangles. I got the pattern from a Laurie Herrick hand woven coat that I saw at the Portland Museum of Contemporary Craft.
originally seen here, June 2011
I never followed through on that. Oops. Will rectify... sometime.

As a final flourish, here's a page from a 1920's Montgomery Ward catalog:
source: Dover
The above immediately brings to mind Ms Desiree, of Pull Your Socks Up. Click on over there and you'll see what I mean.
But before you go, how are you doing finding some 1920s in your closet? Link and tell!