Friday, November 29, 2013

Help from the Past Outfit

This somewhat odd combination resulted from a search on my own blog. I wanted to wear these striped tights and couldn't remember what I'd paired them with the last time I wore them. Since I was strapped for time, I used the search feature on my sidebar, using "brown". The results were less than stellar (only three) because the search feature does not include labels, only text within titles or the body of a post. It doesn't include visuals either, so I'm wondering just how helpful it really is.

Anyway, this look came up and it was exactly what I needed:
from this post from 6/11
I used the concept of mixing the scarf and the dress with brown elements, choosing warmer elements more appropriate for November in soCal.

The leopard stole:
It's a simple rectangle of soft fake fur and Chinese silk brocade for the lining.
It's my own design and you're welcome to steal the concept! It measures 18 x 60" but would work better if it were 18 x 66" (I was limited by the amount of brocade yardage I had on hand). To make it, sew the two pieces right sides together, leaving a part unsewn so you can turn it inside out, then hand stitch the remaining open part. I made the leopard side a little bit larger so that it would wrap around the edges.

Fashion bloggers: have you ever searched through old blog posts when you've hit an outfit block?

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