Sunday, August 11, 2013

Cole + Parker Party Socks


Here I am, all set to party.
Getting to the party was a whole different thing. I'll just say that the 91 Freeway is no cakewalk.

I'm wearing my new Cole + Parker socks, which were my "perk" for contributing to their IndieGogo campaign.

Here is a little bit about Cole + Parker, lifted from their website:
"While standing on the shoulders of Blake Mycoskie of Tom’s Shoes we had an epiphany and came up with a sustainable extension to the “1 for 1″ Business Model. We call this the “1 for Many” Business Model.
Sale proceeds [20%] are loaned through our partner Kiva to fund entrepreneurs in the developing world. Once a loan is payed back we use those funds to fund another entrepreneur thus creating a revolving loan effect. Micro finance has proven to help sustain communities in a dignified way. An amazing 99% of all loans through Kiva are repaid. Our goal is to support as many entrepreneurs around the world as possible." [source]

IndieGogo introduced me to Cole + Parker, and I'm glad they did! You know how I love crazy socks!

Sauntering on over to Patti's Visible Monday. Join me?