Wednesday, July 3, 2013

52 Pick-me-up: Red/White/Blue/Black

Welcome to a new week of 52 Pick-me-up!
This week, we're focusing on various combinations of red, white, blue, and/or black.
Remember this muumuu from last year? Click on over to see the print up close!
I wedged myself into it, but won't be wearing this to work!
I got it from Larry last year. I got a lot of great stuff from Larry and will be offering some of it soon, to help him pay extensive medical bills...

It's starting to make me crazy that I can't remember the name for that sleeve style.
It's the 4th of July tomorrow, and I built this week's prompt from the colors of the US flag. Rah!
I added black just to mix it up a little.
I performed interwebal investigations and discovered that there are 70 countries with flags that utilize only combinations of the colors red, white, blue, or black. Who knew?
Here they are:

[Image repurposed from this site with all the flags]
Do share your combinations of red, white, blue, or black. Outfits, designs, snacks, whatever!
If you miss the deadline, it's OK to add your link in the comments.