Sunday, July 3, 2011

IFB Project: don't bother the anne

painting gear = freedom
The IFB Project #3 -- INDEPENDENCE: 
Do you have an item you purchased that made you feel independent? Something that made you feel liberated? Share it!

It has to be my painting clothes
concert tee circa 1984
vintage apple print skirt from Larry
giordano denim mens shirt bought in HK, 1992
purple chinese jelly sandals, HK, 1992
because when I'm painting, I am doing the thing I truly love

let's look at the details:
Perkins Palace, 1984. "A Bill Made in Hell"
I was there. Die Schloflosen? Hellish. The Cramps? Heaven.
I started wearing this as studio garb in 1986
I'm sad this skirt is too worn to wear "in public"
ADORE the print
detail of paint encrusted on shirt that I tie as an apron --
could be a painting!
I am a slob. I wipe my hands on my clothing when I paint.
And as far as Independence Day goes,
what is more American than denim, apples and the Cramps? 
I promise myself to wear this tomorrow, July 4, 
Hold me to it, friends!

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