Sunday, March 13, 2016

52 Pick-me-up: Navy / Quest

We are finishing off our seven weeks of blue hues with Navy.

I was all set to have this be a post about Poshmark and selling this Navy and wine striped dress from Uniqlo:
That's not a pin at my chest. It's the size sticker.
I was going to sell it NWT [new with tags]
A funny thing happened while I was taking my product shots...
Rare view of my butt.
I decided that I liked it after all and I'm not going to sell it!
It's super comfortable!
I just need to remove the pockets -- the pocket bags are too bulky on my hips.
My hips are big enough, thankyouverymuch.

Here's the saga of why I have this new dress that I thought I didn't like:

Remember the Uniqlo Del Amo store opening that I attended back in October?
Remember the flannel shirt that was too small?
I found it online in my size, along with some bright tees that weren't at Del Amo either. The dress looked cute on the model (don't they always), it was on sale for $19.98, and I added it to my cart.

Upon arrival, it didn't live up to my fantasies (a hazard of online shopping). I wanted to send it back, but a mail-in return was going to incur a "restocking charge". Sigh. I could return it to a local Uniqlo store but never made it within the 30-day deadline because of a combo of laziness and the holiday season (I don't "do" malls during November/December).

It's a keeper, for now. I like how it looks with the argyle tights.
Back to the subject of Poshmark.
I've had some success with sales, and have racked up some "bank" to shop with.
I went on a Quest for Mexican huipils, etc, and found this:
I thought from the photos that it'd be a darker blue, but that's OK. It's lovely.

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I'll also link this up with Judith's Hat Attack for April.

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