Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Insane Week, In Instagrams

I am still recovering from a very intense week of activities and deadlines:
1) Art show mounting, opening and reception
2) Sketchbook due for ArtHouse
3) Lucky FABB Conference
Any one of the above is major. All three simultaneously? YIKES!

Here is an overview from my Tumblr archives (a great way to get a quick read on one's life-in-instagram, btw, if you happen have a Tumblr and tick "on" to the Tumblr option in Instagram [IG] and don't do much else on Tumblr... and... did I lose you there?)
Some pix are out of order, some loaded in may... ah, internet!
Sunday, April 22:
To Do list, Sunday morning
Hanging art show
Monday ~ Wednesday: money job
Mr Lou sums it up
Thursday: worked all day on portraits of fashion bloggers for Threads and Surfaces sketchbook
Linework in Illustrator for Rocquelle of Consider Me Lovely
In the evening, I let myself out for fresh air and watched a beautiful sunset.
Friday: portraits, break, portraits, sewing
At 8am, I removed 7 pages from the book
because I knew there was no way I could get them finished in time.
That's Kiah's [of From the "REZ" To the "CITY"] page, pre bling.
At the bottom, you can see my chart of steps, I kept on track with it.
9:30am Qi Gong break in Clover Park to fortify myself for the day
Another ArtHouse project came in, I ignored it
(and missed the deadline)
Very apt quote, however!
Diya's [of In Her Stilettos] pages printed, pre bling
I took a break from the computer and sewed my outfit for the reception.
I worked under a stern taskmaster.
Saturday: prep for reception, errands, teaching, reception, collapse
Meyer lemons and mint from the garden for the reception spa water
Picked up my MOO business cards at the PO en route to class
(yes, had to teach, along with everything else)
Here's a snap of my blog post about my reception look.
No instagrams from reception (distracted)
Sunday: work on sketchbook, blogger brunch, shopping, portraits, party, portraits
Decided I wanted a metallic cover on the book.
I'd found some silver spray paint in Severo's stash...
did NOT find a flat head screwdriver to remove the cap.
It took a lot longer than expected to get to this point where paint emerged
At noon, there was a Lucky FABB kick-off brunch
(again distracted/ no coverage = no IGs)
When I was walking back to my car,
I thought the above was a cute purple maxi dress hung out for a yard sale...
that's when I realized my blogger immersion was complete - it's ice plant!
There was a FABB shopping safari on Abbot Kinney, which I opted out of...
I DID go over there, however...
I'd gotten the brilliant notion my Monday conference outfit needed silver clogs to complete the look.
But Zingara's silver clogs were "try on for size for ordering" only. Nooooo!
In the end, I worked my self into an acquisitional frenzy and got these floral sandals
Rocquelle's pages finished at 4pm
List with more checkmarks -- progress!
By 5pm, I'd finished the flat coloring for La Dama [of Vintage Passiones Like Mine]
Yes, I was allowed to go to the FABB cocktail party on Melrose
Shot an IG at the party, used the hashtag, and my shot showed up in the feed!
Then home and back to work...
Monday: portraits, PO, conference, collapse
La Dama's pages done by 1am
Erin's [of Design for Mankind] pages done by 2am!!!!
Here's the sketchbook joining the mail stream at the PO @ 7:30 am
Deadline met!
On the the conference!
My bracelets, badge, and card holder thing
I'd sketch, then shoot IGs of the sketches
This one is of Zac Posen and Brandon Holley
For lasting all the way to the end of this post,
I present you with a beautiful cake!
This was in the LeSportsac booth
It was created by Vanilla Bake Shop in Santa Monica