Saturday, February 4, 2017

TrendListr, a New Online Vintage Marketplace

Originating from the UK, since we don't have "car boot" sales in the US -- is our term "flea market"?
Trendlistr contacted me about helping promote their new online marketplace for Vintage, launching on 2/9/17. It sounds like an interesting concept: sellers held to high standards for items and photography posted, and no upfront listing fee.

Their Instagram @TrendListr will give you the best sense of what's to come:
Along with IG, other social media portals are their
Twitter: @Trendlistr
Facebook: /Trendlistr

They might feature SpyGirl in a blog post and asked me these burning questions:

How would you best describe your stye? 
What do you all think, "Crazy Cat Lady"?

What is current dream item you want to purchase?
Who is you're favourite designer/high street store and why?
I always hate this kind of question. I'm a Gemini, THERE CAN'T BE JUST ONE!
Still ruminating on my answer.
Off the top of my head, Chris Francis, (though is he a "designer" or an "artist"?) and Fluevog.
Guess I'm a tad shoe obsessed these days.

Let's reconvene after TrendListr launches and see what we think!