Sunday, March 31, 2013

Why Did I Start SpyGirl?

"Why did you start blogging?"
On the eve of International Fake Journal Month, now is a good time to answer this question.
SpyGirl from the start has been a fun, creative outlet.
I found my cartoonish avatar under a bush in March 2010. Click here to see what I did for my first posts.
Things were slow that first year, due to health complications.

In 2011, I did another fake journal, and that's when I became a "real" fashion blogger.
I started following fashion and style blogs regularly, I joined IFB, I paid more attention to trends, I started taking outfit photos.
Also in 2011, I got the urge to fashion sketch again (had stopped after freelancing at Mattel dried up in 1999) and started experimenting with different techniques. My Fashion Icon series is one completely digital approach that I'm happy with, but involves a lot of work.
Recently, I've come up with a half analog, half digital hybrid that I really enjoy.

The 2013 Fake Journal, "The Digital Catwalk" shall commence tomorrow, April 1st.
It's going to be a blast!

Some background:
I completed the rigorous BFA Fashion Design program at OTIS in 87 and was immediately hired by the department chair, Rosemary Brantley, as a design assistant for her company in downtown LA. After two years, I moved on to designing Barbie Dolls at Mattel. Four years at Mattel totally burned me out on fashion design and I quit to return to my original creative passion: fine art.
I quickly became uncomfortable with my lack of funds and started doing various freelance gigs, including a part-time return to Mattel. OTIS then beckoned with a teaching position in Digital Design in the Fashion Dept, where I ended up in charge of my area through 2005.
I continue to teach Digital Design for Fashion and Textiles in the CE Department at OTIS. My primary day job is designing prints for mass-market loungewear and underwear.
I am still doing fine art (I will never give that up again) and am looking forward to a figurative workshop this summer with Rebecca Campbell.

At 56, I can say: I love what I'm doing.
"Why did I start blogging?" For fun!
Why did YOU start blogging?

Inspired by (but too late to include) IFB Project #87: Why Did You Start Your Blog?

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