Wednesday, March 6, 2013

#LAFW -- Live Sketching at The Los Angeles Collections Fall 2013

As a member of the LA Blogger Group Two Point Oh LA, I was invited to preview the Fall/Winter 13 collections that the Los Angeles Fashion Council will present today and tomorrow. I brought my sketching supplies and here's what transpired.

I start with my sketch of Kelsi Smith, founder of both groups.
She looked like the goddess Nike in her black frock and trainers.

Kelsi @ Dedicated Follower of Fashion
Cindy was promoting a new fashion social site, 1st Class Fashion.
She was decked out in golden chains:
Sarine was there to present her Sarine Marie collection.
She is a 3rd generation LA garmento! Her pieces are beautifully tailored, a skill she learned from her father.
Sarine @ Sarine Marie
Linh was presenting SOLDAT for the designer Camilla who was busy in her studio getting her garments finished to present on Thursday. Hovey Lee Eco Jewelry was also featured with the line.
Linh has her own line of pouches, Nomisa, that cleverly keep your phone or glasses clean when stored within.

Linh @ Nomisa

Now to the "technical difficulties" portion of the soiree.
My first sketch of the evening:

I started off using a Prisacolor marker with the brush nib. It worked so well for my OSCAR sketches. Not so great for this kind of sketching on this size paper. Really only that above sketch is decent. The others you can hardly tell what's going on:
It's a learning process that I'm doing on the fly!
the marker on left + marker sketch
uni-ball "vision elite" used on the right sketch
drawing paper was preprinted with the LAFC graphics for the events
Today I'm going to sit the show in the "photographers' pit" and sketch.
I will bring a full arsenal of supplies because I'm not sure what will work best!