Thursday, March 14, 2013

Foot Fetish: Cow Print Slides

cow print slides
Summer 2000 Sacramento @ Macy's on sale while waiting for timing belt replace on van
These are my around the house shoes The fur has almost entirely worn off and rubber soles are cracked
I've sketched these shoes a bunch of times. I'm part of a sketching group started by Karen Winters (who was inspired by Danny Gregory) called EveryDay Matters. The group has a weekly challenge and the first on the archive list is "Draw a shoe" I always return to this pair, maybe because they have so much character.
here is a more recent iteration, done with the Brushes app on the iPad
They are beyond worn out at this point, so far gone that I've stopped wearing them, even as house slippers. Maybe they want to be sketched one more time before I toss them.
They also have sentimental value. I bought them on the road trip I took before I moved in with Severo. We drove up to Davis for a Cockeyed Ghost gig, then he returned south and I headed East. That was the I-80 trip, July 2000. I saw lots and lots of cornfields.