Saturday, March 16, 2013

EPIC LA Eco Fashion Show. part 1

Echo Park Independent Co-op [EPIC] hosted a fashion show on 3/14 featuring SOLDAT, ISM Mode, Hovey Lee and PERI.
There was also a subsequent Trunk show to benefit Somaly Mam, which I was unable to stay for.

Ruth was my +1, and she was a most vivid vision!
Here she is with Renee Hall, of Cottontails Inc
Then she struck some poses with Janet Tracy Keijser, of Indie Star Style
The crowd gathered by the runway in anticipation of the show...
We interrupt our coverage of the event to take a deep breath and have a cup of c/o tea
siptea was included in our goodie bag. I got oolong, Ruth got jasmine.
The full array of goodies:
Rabbit graphic bag from EPIC
Beauty Minerals from Akua Auset
Wooden ring from Holland Design Studio
SAFE copper chain bracelet
"I am bio-degradable" tee from PERI
Luna bar
Shampoolio product (lip balm, I think)
EPIC lip balm
siptea oolong
Discount cards from Radiant, ISM Mode, and Hovey Lee
A big "thank you" to all the companies that gifted us. You are very generous.
More about the runway show after a brief interruption... make that tomorrow...
I need to chill more so that I don't rant!

Don't you love EPIC's rabbit graphic
Owls are so 2010, foxes are so 2012...
I know it's The Year of the Snake, but I vote for the Rabbit as the next "It" animal!