Friday, April 20, 2012

Pinterest, oh Pinterest

text reads:
4.19  I put this latest investigation collage together @ work on Mon. Just now getting it logged in here. I'm a bit divided about my Pinterest investigations. It feels so negative and unproductive. It just irks me so much that these "people" are hijacking the site for their own profit and nefarious ends.
I want to like Pinterest. I want to pin "correctly" and know that the pin points back to orig. source. I am irked by lazy pinners.

I really AM reluctant to continue doing this. I got weary of the Pose charade as well. I think I could be using my time better.

That said, when Michelle Obama"started following all [my] pinboards" I was curious to see where the pins came from... [4/20  just reclicked link and the page is down. hurrah!]

Ah, they're all the "media-cache" kind. The kind where the original source is removed.
Other troublemakers from Monday:
There is hope...
When I reclicked on the "dinner on the beach" today, I got this: