Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hommage à Tina for Record Store Day

Yesterday was Record Store Day. I drew this:
Text reads:
It's "Record Store Day" today, say my friends on FB. I pulled this fave LP out of the milk crates:

"The Hunter" by Ike + Tina. Purchased at Sunny Side Records in Prov in 79 or so.
A lot of memories go with this... I carried it back to Prov in March 85 to complete a fur [rendering] illustration assignment (will look for that later).[Couldn't find]
Lip synched "The Hunter" for a Mattel "presentation" (acting) class in 93.

The album cover is creepy and wonderful:
don't you LOVE Tina's mink mini dress? and how about the mink sandal!!!!
You must see the credits up close:
Now listen up: