Monday, March 4, 2013

Throwing Caution To the Wind

Close up of my skirt print. In my mind, it's all the road sign colors:
Stop Red
Exit Green
Info Blue
Caution Yellow
I wore this for both Qi Gong and a routine checkup appointment at Harbor/UCLA on Friday, it worked out great.
Not so great was the interminable wait to see my doctor -- 3.5 hours!!!!
(I'm on the dole, so I pay with my time). I became REALLY REALLY bored, so I played with my kaleidoscope app:

upper right is original shot used [same as close up] to make these images
and took random photos:

Actual face time with the doctor? Maybe 10 minutes!
Ah, Harbor General, teaching me patience yet again.
ps: I'm fine!

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