Sunday, April 26, 2015

52 Pick-me-up: Forget-me-not

mako "forget-me-nots" on Flickr
Dainty forget-me-not flowers: blue and yellow or purple and yellow or pink and yellow or white and yellow -- this week's 52 Pick-me-up inspiration. Or take the concept "forget me not" and go with that.
I was wracking my brain over the blue/yellow thing until my eyes landed on my OP tee that I got at Ross in Mesa, AZ in 2000.

I'm reposting a section of my "About" page that features said tee:

I started SpyGirl as an art project in fake journaling in 2010.
My SpyGirl avatar
Here's the story about how I found her.
I now have fully embraced and joined the world of Fashion blogging.
SpyGirl is my live Fashion Art performance piece, broadcasted via this blog.

I post outfit photos:
"Hello from the side of my house in western Los Angeles!"
and sketches:
Here I am in the same outfit but looking like a supermodel
Have fun with this one -- I've had an exhausting week, how about you?
If all else fails, link any old post! Forget ye not! 
Link and tell:

[Enid] The Tee of Contention


Before I sink into a luxurious day of RELAXING I want to tell you about this tee.
SpyGirl is going to wax all nostalgic about it in her blog today
She stole it from me!
She's convinced that she got it in Mesa [AZ] in 2000. Yeah right.
She shopped my closet in 2014. Grrrrr.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

[Enid] V is for Vicky Peck's Vintage Scarf


4.25  V
Victory over these blasted scarves will soon be mine.
I foresee only ONE MORE WEEK.
Cannot wait.