Monday, August 3, 2015

Fashion Design Contest [US Only] Deadline 8/9/2015

Sorry, potential winner, I'm a little late (too many shiny objects!).
Thankfully, the PR person was persistent and sent me a reminder.

[source: Brother Int'l
Here is the verbiage lifted verbatum from Brother's site

"How do you enter? Simply upload a photo of your dream design sketch with the hashtag: #SewYourDreams.
Be sure to include a brief description of the project and your dream behind it!

One lucky individual will win a two-night stay in NYC during New York Fashion Week this September and work alongside Anthony Ryan Auld and Joshua McKinley to turn their dream design into a reality! Together, they’ll shop for supplies at the Project Runway source store, Mood, and enjoy a full day of sewing to create the dream design. To celebrate the finished design, the winner will kick back and enjoy a lovely dinner out on the town accompanied by Joshua and Anthony Ryan.

Plus, the winner receive our Innov-ís NQ1300PRW sewing machine to continue to sew their dreams.

Enter now through August 9, 2015
By clicking submit you agree to the official rules
No purchase necessary. Valid July 8, 2015 to August 9, 2015 in the continental US or District of Columbia who have reached the age of majority in the state in which they reside. Void where prohibited or otherwise restricted by law.
This is a game of chance and skill plays no part in determining the winner. All designs must be original creations of the entrant and not previously published in any medium or submitted in any other competition. All entrants become the property of Brother.
By entering, you agree to receive news and product info from Brother International Corporation."

I'm in! Maybe I'll go back into the SpyGirl archives and enter one of my flower creations. Except that it's not allowed to have been "...previously published in any medium". Urgh. New design required, methinks. I'll sketch it on SpyGirl, though.
This is the one that came to mind:
original post here
Wouldn't that be an awesome fascinator?

I could really use a new sewing machine. My Elna decided to die right when I was all set to start refurbishing things.

Good luck! Add a link in the comments if you enter!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

52 Pick-me-up: Crimson / Complacency / Daring

More Vancouver Meetup, the Crimson Fibres [Canadian spelling] edition.
A pile of scarves at Maiwa 
Meet Louisa of Damselfly's Delights:

Louisa took Pat [Project Minima] and me on a tour of some of her favorite fibre shops on Granville Island.
You can read all the places and get links in her post here.

Me, I'm going to show you pretty pictures of fibre art that is crimson colored.
More scarves from Maiwa
Felt balls at Maiwa. Not really crimson. But FELT BALLS people!
Oh. Sorry. You didn't know about this obsession of mine. Moving on...
Or natural and not yet dyed:
More Maiwa
Scarves at Silk Weaving Studio
Is it string or yarn --can't remember my weaving terminology. Silk Weaving Studio
We then took a bus back to the mainland, had some delicious lunch, and forged on to Dressew.
[I am slowly posting amusingly weird fabrics that I found over on my Pattern Recognition blog].
I became overwhelmed at Dresssew and had to go sit out front in a Husband Chair.
Pat eventually joined me. Louisa wore us out! We couldn't make it to the button shop.

So what's with all the textiles?
The chief subject for contemplation this week in Tori's Toolkit [where I'm getting the colors and key words, remember?] is diving down and recognizing and acknowledging dreams perhaps overlooked in the day to day grind. Have I ever got one -- getting my Masters in Textiles at RISD. There. I typed it. Whoa, I have the jitters. That's all I'll say for now.

Wearing crimson red, resisting complacency, being daring -- link and tell!

Friday, July 31, 2015

More Joy!

I had the worst laughing hangover after this weekend. I don't regret one minute of it.

The top secret spy captures can be found here. "On the hush hush, and very QT"

Over and out!