Sunday, June 28, 2015

52 Pick-me-up: Out With the Old

A new cycle of 52 Pick-me up (Round 3!) will begin on July 5th.
Maybe you missed a deadline during the last year, or you feel like revisiting a challenge?
Here's your chance to link!
The Linkup will remain open for months.

Below are the prompts from Round Two of 52 Pick-me-up, which ran from 6/29/2014 - 7/4/2015.
I've left an open Linky at the bottom, in case you feel like adding something THAT GOES WITH A THEME.
(Random linkups WILL be deleted).  
The prompt links go to my post from the week of the prompt.

  1. Minimalism
  2. Dress like your vehicle or transport
  3. Fairy Tale
  4. Disco Diva
  5.  Orchid
  6.  Favorite Dessert
  7. Woodstock Nation
  8. Goddess
  9. Rococo
10. Sunflower
11. Back to School
12. Grunge
13. Hibiscus
14. Plaid
15. Trend salad -- wear as many trends as you can IN ONE OUTFIT. [no link]
16. Favorite Toy
17. Animal
18. Marigold
19. Layers
20. Cartoon
21. Medieval
22. Black
23. Morning Glory
24. Crazy Legs
25. Frozen
26. Bejeweled
27. Cyclamen
28. You have not worn it for a year. Now is the time.
29. Pantone Party
30. Read between the lines -- inspired by a book
31. Amaryllis
32. Hat Trick
33. I Heart...
34. Movie Mania
35. Magnolia
36. Dots
37. Int'l Women's Day/ Week
38. Baroque
44. Forget-me-not
45. Hero

Sunday, June 21, 2015

52 Pick-me-up: Wild Card

We have reached the last prompt for this round of 52 Pick-me-up: Wild Card.
Here's your opportunity to post whatever -- a crazy outfit, a photo of your pet, what you ate for breakfast, a pretty flower, a lurid sunset. Or maybe you missed a deadline on one of the year's prompts (you can find the list here). The operative concept is: Go Wild!

Here is my look:
Rainbow Girl!
I finally wore the rainbow shirt that Joyatri gave me a year ago, when me met for breakfast in Cambridge, MA.
Maybe not the best thing to wear during a heat wave.
The Sandcastle brand oversized shirt (beach coverup?) is 60's/70's era polyester in all its glory.
Meaning, the fibers don't breathe.
Add to the mix an 80's nylon/spandex bubble knit bodycon dress, my new poly/spandex Crazy Leggings, rainbow socks from Ruth, and 90ยบ temperatures and I created an all-day hot flash for myself.
It was an unpleasant experience and will not be repeated.

So let's make a TinyPlanet of it and move on to some linking.
 How wild will you get? Link and tell!