Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Create 28 and Decluttering

Whitney at Whitney ala Mode is hosting a fall-themed Create28, if you're interested in such things.
I'm joining in, as the mood strikes me, mostly on Instagram.
For #create28fallLooks Day 5: Fall Colors
My big project this month is tackling my clutter.
I signed up for a decluttering e-course called 27 days of Feng Shui with Katie Rogers ($49 or so).
It's helping and I'm discovering all sorts of treasures!
As part of my spin on the process, I'm keeping a journal that includes incriminating sketches of the clutter, and an online daily progress report. All can be found over on The Glutton. Some of you have expressed interest in seeing the "islands of clothing", etc in the living room. The islands have been put into boxes (be happy for me!) but there is still lots of clutter to gawk at, if you want to feel better about the disorderly state of your home.

Why am I prattling on about all this?
I found these "molten lava" beads, conveniently still strung as I purchased them in the 80s:
They (along with some 70ยบ weather) inspired me to pull out the "manzanita" skirt:
Plus the CUPCAKE SOCKS!!!!
Gift from Severo, first time wearing them. He probably got them at Jack's.
Shoes are Kork-Ease

Sunday, October 4, 2015

52 Pick-me-up: Carrot / Perseverance

This orange "dress" is a study in Perseverance.
When I bought it, it was a skirt. [original post from 5/4/11]
sage tee from boyfriend, skirt from cottage art, chinese plastic sandals
Another take [original post from 5/18/11]:
Then I began wearing it as a dress(?), pinafore(?), whatever you want to call it.

[And here's where my computer's dying has caused way too many hurdles in writing this post.
Yes, it was all backed up -- but where do all the iPhoto uploads go? And how do I get to them?
It's a Mercury Retrograde mystery, my friends. Or a lesson in Perseverance.
Trying to use the Search Tool on the blog's sidebar was no help at all.]

Trust me, I've worn this skirt-dress many times.
I was going to show you, but you'll just have to imagine it.
The pairing with the lime maxi is a particular favorite.
Here's how I gussied it up for an Instagram:
Those silver fauxkenstocks really sing with the silver sequins.

Have you donned Carrot AKA Orange lately? Any recent acts of Perseverance?
Link and tell!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

52 Pick-me-up: Rust / Impasse

I could go on and on about All the Things breaking down. The car's console (I either have blasting AC or nothing). The iMac (thank goodness I did a backup hours before it died and I have a laptop to work on). The Great Tree Massacre at work, causing a lack of shade for my lunch in the car.

Is it the universe telling me to stop and consider a different route? Or is it simply things going wonky?

Let's ignore all that and proceed to my autumn leaves outfit accessorized with my Soul Carrier cowhide clutch with rust-colored accents.
Can't fit much in there. Maybe that's a good thing.
Ah. I feel MUCH better.
I got the clutch through a Kickstarter. I was sent a pitch to help get the word out, which I neglected to do. (Oops). Jenn recently wrote that she has a few of these clutches left in inventory ($175). There are also two leather tote styles are available for pre-order on her website, soulcarrier.com that are quite handsome.

Linking up with Patti's Visible Monday [later today]
and Fun Fashion Friday on Fashion Should Be Fun

I'm probably in denial about my Impasses.
How about you?
Rust / Impasse, link and tell!