Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Art Fair Outfits

The Superfine Art Fair in Seattle was a good excuse for a road trip!
Here, however, I'll review what I wore...

It seems I relied on the kindness of strangers for my outfit shots.
I guess I forgot that sometimes I'm a fashion blogger. 

in @gottfried_megan's IG story
The Opening night I wore my favorite tunic. I always feel great in this.
In 2019, I stitched this together in transit for my brother's wedding! So glad I did! 
Paired with green space-dyed Fabletics leggings.

photo by Katie's daughter
Day 2, Katie stopped by. Katie lives in Birmingham, Alabama. I've been in Feng Shui cohorts with her for the past couple of years. This was our first meeting IRL.
I wore my vintage 90's shirt that I found on Poshmark and leopard leggings from Fabletics.
The gap in the art grid was a fake sale. I thought maybe viewers were intimidated by the full grid, and I removed a piece.
in @superfineartfair's IG story
Day 3, the Noon - 9pm marathon day.
I wore the antique kimono fabric tunic, which is another favorite.
I added sleeves to this a few years after first sewing it. Best move ever.
I don't remember which leggings I wore (because I'm actually writing this post in November).
I don't remember who took this... maybe my art booth neighbor?
Day 4: the African wax cloth tunic, purchased in Providence, RI way back in the '80s.
The cotton fabric is super soft now. Same leggings as Day 1.

And the art?
This was the only instance the Scrappy Squares were seen as a complete set the way they were intended to be hung.
I made a sale! The grid was broken for real this time.
Which one sold?

Shelbee had the honor of being featured in a Style Imitating Art challenge by Shelbee herself!

For the fair, I dressed in all my favorite colorful tunics/tops to help me feel good in my skin and radiate confidence.
And then I managed to leave them all hanging in the closet where I was staying! Idiot test failure! (Idiot tests are what musicians do after a gig to make sure they don't leave any gear behind).
It took me 46 miles to realize my error.
Fortunately, my Seattle friends quickly sent them back to me. Favorite garment crisis averted.

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Wednesday, May 10, 2023

May I? 10 on the 10th

Answering 10 questions! This is a fun monthly thing instigated by Marsha In the Middle.
Link to Marsha's answers for this month.
1. Can you whistle?
Yes! One of those ear-piercing NYC Taxi hailing whistles!
My pal Shawn (a native of NYC) taught me in 9th grade.

2. Can you touch your toes flat to the ground?
Yes, I just tried. I had to bend my knees a teeny tiny bit.
[Ha! can't post the video because Blogger thinks it's obscene!]
3. Can you remember all of your teachers from Kindergarten to graduation?
No. 1st through 4th grade are lost to the mists of time.
I only remember my Kindergarten teacher because there's a photo:
4. Can you ride a motorcycle?
Conceivably yes, as a passenger, but I'd rather not.
My cousins were very much into motorbikes as young teens. I only rode with them a couple of times.

5. Can you groom a dog?
Maybe, again, I'd rather not. I can groom a cat!

6. Can you remember the first vacation you ever went on?
Do family trips to summer lodgings count? The first house I remember (I was five?) I later randomly revisited when I was fourteen with friends that lived on the farm. It was an eerie experience!

7. Can you create things from scratch (knit, paint, weld, etc.)?
8. Can you wire an outlet?
Maybe? There's a YouTube for that!

9. Can you remember your first job?
Unforgettable! I delivered pizza for Skip Perry's Pizza in Goleta, CA. I got to know the greater Santa Barbara area really well. Delivering to UCSB students was the worst.
"Ham, Pepperoni, Bell Pepper Pizza" Lithograph, 1975
10. Can you upholster a chair?
I upholstered a chair and an ottoman once with canvas that I silkscreened.
[Can't find photos]

Lately, I've been visibly mending the couch. Some parts are surviving Mr Lou the Antimender better than others
(that is carpeting on arm on left which Lou has turned into a yeti).

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Monday, April 10, 2023

10 on the 10th: Would I Rather...

Answering 10 questions! This is a fun monthly thing instigated by Marsha In the Middle.
Marsha's answers for this month here.

1. Would you rather wear clothes made of feathers or clothes made of flower petals?
That time I sketched outfits inspired by flowers, 2011
This is Saint John's Wort, not Clematis.
2. Would you rather listen to birds chirping or frogs croaking?

3. Would you rather vacation on a remote yet tropical beach or near a thriving city?
Both? Nah, I'll go remote.
Big Island, Hawaii, 2005
4. Would you rather have Peeps in your Easter/holiday basket or jellybeans?
Jordan Almonds, please. Or Reese's. I'll always say "yes" to Reese's.
artwork made from Reese's bags

5. Would you rather spend a day planting seeds or a day at the beach?
Seeds! Check out my back yard super bloom!

6. Would you rather grow green grass or grass of a color of your choosing?
Forget the grass. Lawns are a waste of water in SoCal.
I choose native plants to attract butterflies, birds, and bees.

7. Would you rather wear sandals with socks or sandals with hosiery?
Sandals with socks!

8. Would you rather have flowers for fingers or flowers for toes?
I'm a Sunday's child: "Rings on her fingers and bells on her toes..."

9. Would you rather do the chicken dance or the bunny hop?
I have good memories of chicken dancing at family weddings, I'll go with that.
Or maybe the hora:
10. Would you rather be a caterpillar or a tadpole?
This caterpillar matches my crazy hat sketch:
photo by Ryszard on Flickr

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