Friday, March 22, 2013

Foot Fetish Friday: Witch Shoes

"Witch" shoes
1979 (?)  Roxy's (?), Thayer St, Providence, RI
I wore these shoes A LOT in the 80s
In one of my "pound the pavement" trips to NYC I lost one of the heel taps. I wore that heel down 1/2". A great shoe repair guy sawed off the other side to match. Now 1" [height] wide base kitten heels.
They're really beat up, but oh so comfortable

Yesssss, my pretty...
I still have my 80s Witch shoes (cue scary Margaret Hamilton cackle).
I did indeed get them at Roxy Deluxe.
I have since found out that the family moved the business from Providence to North Hollywood and now they rent costumes for film and television. It's a small world, my friends.