Friday, March 29, 2013

Foot Fetish Friday: Fluevog

Fluevog Chunky Retro Sandal
Sonnie's  So Pasadena
These are so over the top crazy.
Designed in the 90s
Look like the 70s
Comfortable too.

Time for another shoe sketch! Friday crept up on me like a stealthy cat.

I love these sandals. They have been sitting on the speakers in my hallway, waiting to get repaired. They have been there a REALLY LONG TIME! They have a minor problem - the rubber soles have come partly unglued, so they flap around (trip and fall waiting to happen). I even got some strong shoe glue from a student (two years ago?) who was also taking a shoe design class. Not doing so well on the DIY shoe repair, SpyGirl.
styled with my CMYK Happy Socks (this style no longer available)