Sunday, March 10, 2013

Figuring It Out As I Go

This year, I set an intention to sketch at fashion events. The two events hosted by the Los Angeles Fashion Council that I attended last week gave me a perfect opportunity to put intent into action. I've written about both already here and here, now I'll show you what I wore and what I drew with.
Wednesday night was an "on the way home from work" situation.
I chose the paisley shell because it has patch pockets.
That's why I took Elvis too. Well, that and Elvis has a built-in "wow" factor.
photos and "Food Fight" installation by Manny Castro
As soon as I got home, I wrote a list of supplies that I wanted to take the next day,
while my needs were still fresh in my mind:
I didn't have time to stop at an art supply store, so I "made do" with what I had on hand:
I created a figure template underlay to use as a framework to get the proportions right --
I just can't do it freehand
I put the same template into my iPad Brushes app and made a bunch of duplicates.
I ended up not using the iPad. Was happy sketching analog!
Day 2, ready to hit the I-10 to downtown -- Red Lips, people!!!
How the raw sketches look
Scanned sketch, added color in Illustrator
I'm happy with the direction these sketches are going. I like the loose "Mats Gustafson" look. [Look him up].
I've got many more to finish, and another event coming up next Thursday. WooHoo!

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