Monday, June 18, 2012

Visibly Indian Inspired #OOTD

I wore this look Friday, Saturday AND today:
except the hat --
that was Friday only because I was doing my qi gong class outdoors in Clover Park
The tunic is called a kurta and it's from India, via a shop in Artesia, CA. It came in a 3-pc set, with a printed chiffon scarf and printed pants, all the prints slightly different yet matching, all in 100% silk.
(The top and pants worn together are called Salwar Kameez).

I love how the prints mix:

but I would not wear the garments as they came from the shop:
this photo was taken last year
Last week, during Megan and Keely's Fashion Challenge, one of Wednesday's choices was something Tribal. Coincidentally, Sally, of Already Pretty, wrote a post titled "Ethnic Ethics" the same day about how she was uncomfortable wearing a kurta very much like mine. A very lively discussion ensued about "where to draw the line" wearing clothing of other cultures. Since I tend to do that, I was interested to read what others had to say. DO go click on the link, it's very enlightening and there are all sorts of opinions.

My plans are to restyle the pants, probably into a skirt. Maybe then I can wear all three together!
I'm linking up with Patti's Visible Monday, as is my wont.