Wednesday, June 6, 2012

In a Brown Study - #OOTD

Brown, pink and yellow. It's such a strange combination of colors (for me).
I'm working on a 30x30 type challenge. I decided to try to wear summer-appropriate garments that have been either in the back of the closet or newly added to my collection to see what combinations I can concoct. This Shabby Apple cotton pencil skirt I got last March at the TxSC Lulu's swap from Shasie of Live Life In Style. The cotton is "sticky" so it doesn't "play nice" with tights. That makes it perfect for summer, if I can find things to go with it!
I've been very happy in today's combo. PLUS, I can finally close the zipper and not have the skirt float up over my ribcage.

I chipped out the colors of the print:
It reminded of this piece of art I did in the 70s:

Maybe I should print this on fabric and wear them together?