Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fashion Challenge: Pining for Printed Pants

I envision myself, lounging under the umbrella pool-side, wearing my Pucci palazzo pants, sipping on a virgin mojito...
Source via Lyst*

Then again, I could be in the garden, wearing my Gaultier Monet trousers, stopping for a sip of cool spring water...
Source via Lyst*
Ah, well... The Pucci is actually a skirt and not pants, the Gaultiers are a "bit" on the expensive side ($779)...

So here I am, on the back patio, wearing my Indian hippie skirt that I got in Artesia:
I'm OK with that.
Thus concludes Thursday's Fashion Challenge: Printed Bottoms.

Here are some more printed pants that I found on Lyst*