Saturday, June 2, 2012

Off-White for Summer

"Don't wear white before Memorial Day" "Don't mix plaids" "Don't wear black and navy"
Who wrote these rules, anyway? [Here's a fun circa 2008 article expanding on ways to break them]

Well, you know me. Sartorial rules were made to be broken. Or stretched to the limit...
School uniform that requires "shoes that tie"? Hello hiking boots. And a 15" skirt.
Tell me to "start wearing pantihose"?
Hello bright tights!
What does this have to do with how I'm going to wear white this summer? Nothing!
In fact, I won't be wearing white, because it makes me twitchy. Too much pressure to avoid spills. I prefer off-white, in the rectangular silhouette known as a huipil.
The indigenous people of Mexico (and other points south) know how to beat the heat in a loose, usually hand-loomed garment that slips over the head. Of course modesty often requires the addition of a skirt, which kind of defeats the purpose of staying cool with minimal clothing, but I'll be a gringa and a cultural vampire and just wear it the way I want to. Call me insensitive, I don't care. I'll be cool and comfortable!
This is part of Fashion Beauty Friend Friday, a weekly series hosted by Katie of Modly Chic.
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