Sunday, June 3, 2012

My Over-50 Muse for IFB #50

Many of my style icons are over 50, a good thing, since I turned 56 today.
I have a Pinterest board where they mix and mingle.
Who shall I anoint as the queen of my influences?
Carrie Donovan, by Jessie Frohman
It will have to be Carrie Donovan, the former fashion editor for Vogue, Harper's Bazaar and The New York Times Magazine. It was seeing her giant rounded glasses that inspired me to go the same route when I gave up contact lenses for good.
My glasses are Calvin Klein, sold as sunglasses in the late 90s.
I saw them at my optometrist's and knew they were for me.
I have a stockpile of several pairs.
I cannot count how many complements I've received for them over the years.
Thank you Carrie, for your bold eyewear inspiration.