Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fashion Challenge: Vegan's Choice - Plastic Sandals #OOTD

Our directive in the Fashion Challenge today was Platform or Flat. We are dressing from the bottom up.
Some could solve the problem by wearing the flat platform:

source via Lyst -- not Vegan
(Oh! The outfit I could build from that! There's a platform that maybe I wouldn't worry about tripping and falling in... but I digress)

MY flat sandal of choice is the humble Chinese plastic sandal:
I have only seen/bought these in Hong Kong. They are super cheap - under $5! I first got them in 1992, in the Mongkok district of Kowloon, amidst the push carts of used clothing. There was an assortment of colors, and I bought 2 purple pairs. I wore them A LOT.
In 2003/4, my pal Lisa was working in Hong Kong and invited me over. Time to restock the sandals! Lisa went on a sandal search (long gone from Mongkok) and found them on Cat Street. I got black, red, green, and purple.
How does this help the Vegan who can't go jetting off to China? Ummmm...
Melissa makes really cute plastic shoes. Here are some flat sandals that I found on Lyst:
$59 source via Lyst
$46 source via Lyst
$38 source via Lyst
I made a whole collection of "under $75 plastic sandals" if you want to see more.

And now, how I'm wearing my plastic sandals today:
pattern to the max!
Have a great Tuesday!