Sunday, February 5, 2012

Layer Up - Dress over Pants

I was wearing this look back in the 60s! 
Didn't wear this on Saturday
for the final day of the Layer Up challenge.
Am planning this for flight to Austin in March --
it's close to what I wore flying home from NYC
a couple of weeks ago.
Very comfortable and not too schlubby,
judging from these photos.
Here you can see the dress over the pants clearly.
I might remove the side seam pockets --
they look stupid and I don't use them.
Thus concludes a week of another fun fashion challenge from Megan and Keely. I think the Tues LACMA outfit was my favorite. Or is it Monday's? No, wait, Thursday's! Which one do you like best?
Here's a visual recap of the week:

The Ladies who Layer