Friday, February 17, 2012

Austin Advent -- Jon Dee Graham

Finally, some Austin music!

Jon Dee Graham is a "local legend" they say. You can usually find him Sunday nights at the Continental Club. (I hope to see him this March). I don't remember when I first saw him perform... it was during a SXSW when our friend Rafael backed him on drums. From the opening strains of "Way Down In the Hole" he had me hooked.

Most of the videos on YouTube are "rough" fan recordings of gigs (which give you a good idea what his performances are like). Here's a more subdued one with the studio version of "One Moment" accompanied by a slide show:

"Faithless" live at The Continental Club, SXSW 2011:

He has a catalogue of 8 albums and I think they're all great.
Mark Finkelpearl made the documentary "Swept Away" on Jon Dee in 2008.
Here's a taste: