Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Austin Advent -- Austin Spice Company

Let's talk hot sauce.
our favorite Austin brand: Austin Spice Company
If you happen to be in Austin in the fall, there is an annual Chili Cook-Off and Festival, where you can sample many many chili sauces, both home made and commercial. I know, that is no help if you're going to Austin in March.

Tears of Joy
618 East 6th Street  Austin, TX 78701
circa 2000
Tears of Joy, on 6th Street, is a great place to find (and sometimes sample) all sorts of sauces and other chili pepper related items.

What Severo and I like to do is check the super market HEB first, because they have the best prices. Then we check Whole Foods. THEN we go to Tears of Joy.